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I have changed out the compressor and dryer
car has 354,000 miles made in japan has org fuel pump
on ashort trip (10 mile + or -) may be once or 4 ,5 times
We had the overhead cam/crankshaft, timing belt replacement kit, water pump, and all drive belts, oil pan gasket replaced at 120,000 miles just to make sure the car remained running strong. After these repairs were done, it began overheating, and starting a clicking noise, running rough. When I opened the hood I found there was almost no coolant in the resevoir, oil dip showed extremely low, and a spark plug cap was popped out and oil on crank cover. Dealership I believe screwed something up and are doing a compression test. Could there now be a blown engine because of something not done right?
I just had a new battery installed in this vehicle in December of 2010. I did not drive the car for a few weeks. When I went to start it, it was completely dead. Possible causes of battery drain. I live in Hawaii so temps are not a factor.
engine jerking,like a spark miss after engine warms up.when it starts this there is a loss of power.the rpm gauge will either jump up and down or go to o. when letting off of the gas the engine will keep running,but pressing on the gas it still chugs and jerks.
lights work door locks work no power to ignition wires
Bake lights won't shut off. Is there a plunger switch connected to the brake pedal?
I just brought this car and noticed that when it rains, water is leaking into the trunk, there is some rust around the rubber stripping, but I am wondering is there a way to repair this or stop the water from leaing into the trunk, is there a product that can be used ?
I've just bought a 1993 honda accord lx...trying to put in a new stereo...the wiring harness has been removed I got another one and put it in the car there is no power to the stereo or the cigarette lighter I've checked the fuses and replaced the one under hood but still no power is it possible that the lighter itself is no good I got it from another 93 accord from a junk yard
Amount dealer should charge to add refrigerant?
I replaced the radiator in my 93 accord. Does it matter how the 2 transmission oil cooler lines are hooked up? if they are backwards,would that allow the shift lock to not unlock? it just started this since i replaced the radiator.
while driving leaks on the floor
i replaced the clutch the clutch slave and the master cilynder and when idrive it shifts very well but when gets hot does not shift anymore.
what repair is needed to correct this problem
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