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My car turns on great with no engine light but let's say when I get about 2 miles or 3 my car turns off and the engine light comes on there is some times when the engine light comes on but my car doesn't turn off. I have bought a new distributor, new spark plug wires, and also new spark plugs and still the car turns off after 5min can anyone HELP ME..

It died yesterday at a stop sign and now will not arc from the plugwires or distributor coil wire.

I am no mechanic, but am mechanically inclined. Whats the most common problem associated with this, and what is the easiest fix? Thanks for your help in advance!!

After it dies you have to wait 10-15 min to start it.if it starts at all the other new ITE it didn't start at all. I'm driving check engine lite goes 2-5 min later it dies.

The a/c always blows strong and the compressor does come on but most of the time not cold, i had it recharged but didnt change anything, sometimes ice cold sometimes not at all. any help would be great

I start with the gas cap, and it definitely lets out a lot of air pressure. But when I go to unbolt the service bolt to relieve pressure, nothing comes out. Fuel or air. And the manual says to be ready for spray. So I'm just wondering - does that mean my fuel pressure is not accurate? Or is removing the gas cap doing the job mostly? Thanks

when im drivin an come to a stop sigh my temparure gage starts going up then i put it on neutral an i accelerated then the temparature gage starts cooling down what can it be(water pump its not leaking or my thermostat)ther about 1 year an a half old.And i put a brand new radiator 8 months

then i put it on neutral an i accelerated then the temparature gage starts cooling down what can it be(water pump its not leaking or my thermostat)ther about 1 year an a half old.And i put a brand new radiator 8 months ago.

I was able to remove the center beam, and the front exhaust bolts came off nicely (so I was able to pull the exhaust down about 5 inches from the oil pan). I was not able to remove the bolts on the other side of the pipe to make more clearance. I just want to make sure 5 inches will be enough room to remove the oil pan before I attempt. How far back do you have to pull it to clear the oil pump assembly. Thank you!

Hello, I recently had my clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder replaced by a transmission shop in December, 2013. Ever since then, I have had clutch chatter that is getting progressively worse. I thought it might be air in the system, so I bled it out using the correct procedure. After bleeding the first time, the chatter disappeared, but only to REAPPEAR a few days later. I'm thinking maybe a leak? Now it's gotten to the point where I have to bleed the system every few days, and now the chatter/shudder doesn't go away completely anymore, it is just BETTER after bleeding. Any help would be great, thanks!

i have an auto trans 93 accordd lx slipping in 1st n 2nd gear wont switch gears it does great in high gears but getting there is rough. i have to take it almost all the waay to 5 1/2 grand befor the car will switch gears and it slipps n sputtings getting it there... ive tried being gentle with it and slowley accelerating and i think it made it worse~ its an auto so i tried manually shifting it from d2 and so forth but it just made it worse.. i also tried cleaning the silinoids and it made a lil difference.. i also changed the tranny fluid but nothing really.... i keep seeing reviews about TCUs? a computer in the system but idk what that is... please any one with suggestions..

car was running fine then while at gas station i pumped gas and tried to start it. no dashlights and it wouldnt fire. just turned over. after 20 min. the lights came on and it started. next time i killed it it did the samething. my ac radio lights do come on tho. whats wrong?

Sometimes it turns on and at times it won't start at all. I wait a few minutes and it starts right up again. Please help, thnx

ok,everyone who has told and asked me is what i am going to do first,tomorrow,5-25-2013.i have done a lot of research on this problem,and listened to you alls post.thats the way we talk in the south.i have a 91 honda accord ex,that has been wrecked,and drove it for a while after started every time,been sitting for a while takes the same relay. i am going to swap main relays,and see if it is the relay,rather than go to az,napa,or adv.and pay $60.00 for new relay.i will drive for a few days and then post what happened.found very detailed post on r&r of relay.thanks to all.part #19236 at az.