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Car stalls while driving sometimes will turn back on sometimes it takes a while. Have replaced ecu unit, main relay and fuel filter so what could it be?
Replaced regulator but window gets stuck going up.
I put car in d4 and it starts acceleration but d4 starts blinking, the speedometer goes haywire and doesn’t shift to anymore gears. Speedometer goes to zero with no acceleration. Only accelerates in d2 &d1. Sometimes I hear a clank when I put it in reverse. No leaks and drives fine when engine is cold for a few minutes.
I'm looking for replacement rear struts for a 1993 Honda Accord EX wagon. I'm finding a lot of struts for all accord models EXCLUDING wagon models. I'm wondering what the correct part number for the wagon is.
When i turn the key i hear a click but thats it no crank and doesnt start. Dashlights dont come on but radio does
Car drives fine. What should i look for and where do i start
There a ticking noise coming from under alternator and the part that is making the noise is connected to belts what us that called
removed knuckle placed it on the vice started pressing out ball joint and noticed lip to bearing in the way, do I have to remove wheel bearing ?
Third gear on my 93 stick shift will not go in
clunk noise coming from lower right side only when take off and braking
Replaced battery, starter, and cables. Thank U for your time
Have used a test light, looks like no power beyond the 80A battery fuse with the exception of the hazard fuse. Battery has 12V, shows 12V on the battery fuse.
I checked the cv axles, and only the right side has play, but only a tiny bit, maybe 1/16 inch. The left side has no play at all, but the inner boot makes a sound when the axle is turning, it sounds like the rubber rubbing on something. But all boots are fully intact, so could a cv axel still go bad when the boots are unharmed and completely sealed?
hands at 3 and 9 o'clock and tire has play
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