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Light never com back on & they dont come on with key on only when starting car dies no light on on dash??
What is the price difference between having a new tranny or a rebuilt one put in a 1992 honda accord ex 2 door coupe
Cost of Rebuilding and Installation of the old tranny
Vs Buying a new tranny and having it installed?
Cost of a new tranny that will fit in that car?
Thank You
it does crank, power is working, fuel pump and filter are good, could it be the injectors? or something else?
I was wondering what the Average price is for having the front and rear brake pads installed in a 1992 Honda Accord EX 2 door coupe...I was told that it would take extra time to install the front ones because of the brake assembly.

Thank You
I wanted to know if i can put a 96 accord cylinder head on a 92 accord block.
I visit a lot of mechanics and no one has been able to repair my problem. A lot of parts has been change and start working for a couple of time a short period of time and stop working again. Engine will not start again.
Transmission is not shifting into 3 or 4?
How do I export my service history?
changed fuel pump, fuel pump not coming on, car still wont start
There is NO signs of leakage anywhere lower than the radiator top
THere are now signs of leakage from below the top of the radiator
some cars you need to open a special screw to release air then dont open radiater cap.if you do then you need to do the bleed all over again.???is that needed on a 92 honda,It is the first time that I heard about doing this to a car.???
when i turn on the air both fans go on.when I turn off the air,neither one works,???confused,I took out the relay switch and the cooling fan goes off,but the air fan stayes on.?
Ok, have seen alot of similar issues as everyone else. It all started with a power drain in the electrical system. Then the power door locks began to activate themselves. I removed the fuse to see if that was the power drain issue, it wasn't. Recently the brake lights have been stuck on, even with the car turned off. Today the battery died while driving and had to be towed home. Kinda at a loss, as I am not very mechanically inclined with electrical systems in cars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I will add you to our Christmas card list if you can help me. Contact me at my e-mail any time
came to a stop and then when i try to pull off my car cut off what could be going on
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