1992 Honda Accord Questions

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After replacing plug it is still draining thru crack and cannot put JB Weld on it until the fluid stops draining so which side do I jack the car to get it to stop draining so I can clean it and repair crack? The transmission is on passenger side front wheel drive. I'm no mechanic and its getting frustrating.
i just changed the timing belt and water pump would this have anything too do with this
& oil light stays on.
I checked for vacuum leaks none change hoses cleaned throttle body cleaned the idle control valve and the fast valve changed gasket on throttle what can it be
Whenever I went to start my car one day it started up just fine, whenever I went to put it into reverse all it did was make a whining sound but it didn't move at all! But if I put it into drive it will move and sounds like normal! I need help for I have little to no clue of what's going on!
with new battery or a newly charged battery get all four gears and transmission works fine
Some so its the ignition switch
Seat will not go up all the way
And it started drove around block two time and it died hasn't started since
Then after i let it cool down it works again
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