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Will not shift into drive e after car warms up.
We're do I find piston 1
It started with just when I started the car but know it's doing the noise also while I am driving
Everytime I open my trunk water falls and now sometimes my back seat gets wet
cool air blows out with the heat on driving down the hwy. the temp gauge is showing cold. shows normal when at idle.
While driving up a steep mountain grade my flex plate failed, center broke out @ main crank bolts. Engine RPM's redlined and loud backfire (pop), and shut down. I replaced flex plate and then starter sounded like it was spinning. So i replaced with new one, with same result. Engine will crank and run momentarily, but then back fires and sputters out. What else might have been damaged to cause results I've described?
Replaces oxygen sensor and tps and it still does it. Has anyone else had this problem, whats the fix?
So - I've replaced my Alt / AC belt 2 times now.

I've also replaced the alternator with a new one.

Things were fine for about a month or two.

Then my belts started squiring again. Eventually the ALT/AC came off.

I put on a new one. But the following lights still come on in my dash board:


I opened the hood to see what was going on. While the car was running. The AC/ALT belt, turned slowly - and occasionally stops - then turns slowly again.

Please help me figure out what is going on! Any advice would be great!

Thank you!
car starts and drives motor shuts off while driving after waiting 15 seconds or more it starts again
why do my radiator fan only work when I turn the car off? And doesn't work when I turn the car on? and my car runs hot
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