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I think my air conditioner pump is worn out. Could I remove the pump, and find a belt to fit only my steering pump, and alt.? I'm afraid to drive it as the pulley locks up from time to time and smokes the belt. I don't feel the car is worth the money to replace the pump.
what engines will fit my 92 honda accord besides the stock engine
i have changed every thing that would make it not start ie the distributor the coil main relay and the ecu and still nothing
Can I change this fuel filter myself at home?
today i was moving my radio wires around to cut off a ground noise, after that i restarted the car and the dash board doesnt work my guages dont work cant tell how fast im going .. gas,temp,everything... and the windows wont go up or down . and when in park accord doesnt wnna go into drive i have to use my key to move gear into N start it up then put on D or R is there any one out there that can give me an idea what it can be??? plzzz
car has no power when drive gear is ingauged also when shifting from park to reverse the shift indicator light on the dash will go out but the drive light indicator is still on even when in park or reverse does anyone no what the problem is can you help
where is the crank position sensor located
turn on ign. check engine light comes on for about ten secs. then goes off. Start vehicle.after about 30 secs.check engine light comes on and vehicle rough idles and hesitates on acceleration
how do i get the starter out?
How do I drain the fuel tank on a 1992 Honda Accord?
one day transmission goes through gears good. then all of a sudden they will stop going through the gears wright. I can disconnect battery for a min or two then reconnect, then it will shift wright, then next day go out again.
The brake light comes on about ten mins into the drive and when i get to my destination i look where i put my brake fluid in and its extremely low and I just filled it up to the top before I left it's been happening the last three days
What's the average life (mileage) span of a 92 Accord with automatic transmission? Mine has 125,000 miles.
my girlfriends sisters honda accord is having problems the brake lights are draing the car battery and everything is off but the brakes lights are doing it. i need some advice on how to fix it so if anybody has any details let me know
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