1992 Honda Accord Questions

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I have even compression in all cylinders (156 lbs),no water in oil and no sign of going out exhaust? But losing coolant. Fuel filter looks good,what to check now.?
Its fine till tranny gets hot and when let cool down its good till hot
engine will not turn over
under dash above brake pedal behind cruise control panel
car will not start after new start motor
I have a 1992 Honda accord and the tail lights and dash lights do not work the fuse is good I am not sure what the problem is
When gas pedal is pressed more than half way it will fix itself, doesn't happen all the time
It clicks like it wants to but no power for start.can hear fuel pump prime. Have cleaned cables. Was told pull back start (towards driver) was a theft prevention. Fueses click under hood.
when it was running for that time the ideal would rev up then drop back down
My car is leaking coolant from the back side of the engine the side that's closest to my windshield I don't know what it can be but it's overheating and spilling out calling like crazy from the back
Also input on using an "engine clean product"? Or fuel system cleaners ?
Problem only occur when cold. Took idle speed control out and cleaned. Took ECU fuse out and disconnect battery cable also to reset ECU without any result. Once car is driven for awhile rough idle goes away. Once operating temperature is reached it still takes awhile for idle to Smooth out. What could be problem? It's evident that something isn't getting the right information to kick in and work on cold engine, to smooth it out. The power is there, does not stable, and runs well. Just idle like shot when cold. Has 234.000miles.
All 3 of my other windows roll up except for my driver side window doesn't roll up what could be the problem?
When my speedometer isn't working my dash shows a tranny error message my abs and srs lights come on but when the speedometer does work the dash is clear. Sometimes it will come on while im driving but the gauge just jumps back n forth from minimum to max speed.
The heater comes on and blows cold air but that's it. The dials all work hi and low etc but the air doesn't get warm.
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