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My dad replace the fuel filter in my car is a 1991 Accord it's starts but won't stay started after this is been replaced it ran twice but is the next day now and it will not stay started?
I have replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs and wires, and distributer cap. Car turns but doesn't start.
when battery light came on we expected bad alternator, alternator was good added more groung and battery light went off, week later light came on alternator was bad, replaced it, removed previous added ground wire, problem fixed battery light went out drove it about 7 miles and battery light came back on. added more ground again but light stayed on, turned out alternator was bad, not charging battery. going to replace it again with warrantee, but I'm concerned that something else might be wrong that will cause this alternator to not work as well. Don't know yet haven't put new one in yet, maybe I actually just got a faulty one, it happens but I think the problem lies else where, what do you think, please help,

I was told it was some kind of throtle will I need a new transmission?

it happen once and then stsrted but after a few starts then it started the click and getting nothing now
when I put brakes on, check engine light comes on. Sometimes at red light it will go up and down.
It failed smog; the smog guy told me to clean the ports, but now i'm getting NO vaccum down to the egr valve. Please help.
The panel lights work, except that the speedometer, temperature guage, gas guage, rpm's and warning lights do not work. What could be the source of this problem?
changed plugs,cap and rotory button . if you are facing the engine and puul the first wire off the plug nothing happens. if you pull the second third or fourth wire it acts like it wants to die . could someone please help me
put in a Bosch 02 sensor, new plugs,wires, 3 weeks ago then the check engine light comes on when I go over 55 miles an hour on the freeway, I was told need new fuel pump
I just replaced the clutch in my 91 accord. It is on jack stands right now. I started it and while I put it in 1st gear I kept the clutch pedal down, the tires were spinning. Then while still holding the pedal down I hit the brake and it died.
I already replaced the clutch master cylinder. any ideas?
I removed the ash tray and plate below the radio but there are no screws visible to remove the radio. There are 2 screws going vertically up into the radio but they are so far in back they cannot be reached. The clearance space is only 2 inches by 5 inches deep. I got a print-out from the dealer and it shows that the front instrument panel must be removed. This is not so. Maybe this is another version of the Accord.
The throttle cable was adjusted and throttle body was cleaned as well.
I have replaced the whole distributer,main relay,coil pack,plugs and wires and still no fire or fuel all my fuses are good all this started after the head gasket blew and was replaced head was sent and resurfaced pressure tested need help car just sitting need on road asap
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