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My 91 Honda ACCORD 4cyl with over 300,000miles....idles when turned on. Once I put it in gear I cant get any power it just putters and wants to die. I have replaced fuel sensor and a few other things that it "may be the problem". I have checked timing and injectors. Noone seems to beable to figure it out and I don't want to spend tons of money taking it to shop if I can fix it myself. Can anyone think of what else it may be?
We just replaced the alternator
can re-lock doors, hit bump, locks pop up again. weekly driven - 20 to 30 miles max
above 750 rpms loud noise in reverce. got used and the first owner replaced it and did same so this is third one.
At 700 and below no noise but shifts hard.The noise coming fro trans. crunch banging noise.
For some reason it jumped timing as I was cruising down the road about a week ago. Although I'm nowhere near being a mechanic, I'm pretty sure that's what it did simply because when I try to start it, it sounds the same as a Honda that I had some years back when the timing belt broke. It still turns over and the timing belt is still intact, but it sounds like it's just spinning freely.
Overhead & door panel lights, mist & int wiper settings, rear defrost, & being able to roll power windows up without the key right after you turn car off just quit on me. Other wiper settings, dash lights, a/c, & windows work with key. Any ideas?
My dash unit blow out hot air even when it's turned off, or turned to cold air. It's always very hot. Is there anything I can do or check to see what the problem is? Can't afford a high garage bill...due to being a single disabled mother.

Any advice would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

I had a leaking water pump and this past winter I found out that I had too much water in my block. My coolant hose that comes out of the side of my head under my distributor froze and split I drove home for about four miles after it split at about 225 degrees I went back through my engine after all of this happened and I checked my head for leaks cracks and warping no problems so I continued on and fixed everything adding a few modifications to my exhaust and intake ports I polished them and and gasket matched each. After finishing I had no leaks. But now have smoke and burning oil
I changed distrubutor and water pump . I also ran car hot once or twice. But after take off it sems to be alright only happens when taking off or ideing in gear
i charged the battery fully. before i left the lights on and drained the battery it started fine
Brakes still working, also have slow pick up when taking off and engine sounds noisy (like its running on diesel). Could it be from less vacuum, as there's air getting out somewhere in the brake booster area.
the s after driving it comes on and stays on, but blinks, and the steering is tuff to turn, then seems to loosen, then tough again. I just bought this car. what do you thinkis the problem? thanks
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