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There is a howling noise coming from the air filter housing and i can see a perfect roundish hole on the side and it is sucking air in is it missing a part?
I have an 1991 Honda Accord LX. it has 243000 miles. For the first time I noticed my a/c not pushing out real cool air. I am wondering if it needs coolant and if so, how do I know? My main question after doing some research is if I can use R134a to refill my a/c or does my Honda use R12?
Ok 91honda accord driven, parked now will not start again. Turn the key dash lights up but nothing - no sound. Starter was checked and it's good. Mechanic said it was electrical. Not sure if related but clutch was acting up recently, hard going into third.
Once I removed the small 12mm nuts I cannot loosen the lens. I'm trying to replace the gaskets because of water leaking into trunk... lots of water. Afraid to hammer it very hard for fear of breaking it.
My car didnt start after i put gas, i ask for a jump and right away it started. As soon as i turn the head lights on the rpm and mph gauge went down and headlight dimmed really low radio shut off.i had to keep driving it tho it was 1am at a gas station. Also as i drove it felt like the felt as the car wont shift right and was having a problem going, more i press the gas the harder it seem the car was pushing to keep up, had to turn on and off the headlights to give the car juice. Please advice
checked spark and its good, checked main relay and its good, brand new distributor, but checked it anyways and its good. Dot understand why wont start, plz guide me with troubleshooting
The light does not read on the dash board nor the cruise control
wondering if the transmission is in sports mode all the time. the engine rpms are 3000 when doing 70 on the interstate. i have not found the specs for engine rpms vs. highway speeds.
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