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My 91 Accord's harmonic balancer came loose and I replaced it but after I did so my battery main fuse keeps blowing any answers will help.
It gets stuck in park cant change shifter plus when I get it going sport light stay on
When pulling my valves from my cylinder head, the valves got to a point where it was difficult to remove them without excessive force. When I pulled them out with force it would make a loud popping noise similar to a suction kind of noise. Either my valve guides are really good and tight or the valves I removed were bent. I would just like to know a little more about this circumstance.
Car starts but i have to press the gas to keep it running or else it turns off and the engine shakes alot
Its new to me and it will not go into fourth gear
i put a new distributor on is it timing or something with rhe computer box .some guy said battery but it has new battery starts up and keeps cutting off changed transmission control module already even guy at shop dosent know ..please help id be so grateful im single mother of 2 who lives paychec to paychec ...please someone hlp me out
When I put my keys in the ignition it turns almost all the way around my dash light go on but when it,should stop turning it keeps going..
It just started doing what I described one day and has been getting worse as time goes by.
Noticed hood smoking when I got home from the store about 5 days ago, turned off my car and popped the hood. Antifreeze was everywhere mainly on the passenger side under the hood. Saw a small hose about thumb length had a hole where antifreeze shot through. Replaced the hose, easy fix, then started car and it ran for maybe a minute then died. Hasn't started since. It will turn over though, starter isn't a problem. Distributor cap was flooded with oil, cleaned that out and gave it another shot, still nothing. My car turns over and sounds like it's going to turn on but still hadn't. Not sure what I should be looking for here. Why did it die? And why does it still continue not to run? Could it be a big problem? Transmission is brand new as of January 2016. Alternator was replaced last November, fuses are good, starter is good, fluids are good, I'm a little confused. Much appreciated any opinions.
Had the front calibers change and rear shoes and wheel cylinders change and new pads on the front to
The car drives smooth until it gets to 45 mph then just revs at a high rpm and doesn't shift.
The check engine,brake lamp and the S lights are on
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