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Problem occurs about 5 times a day.
It has been about 10-15k miles since my last trani service. I had a new clutch and fly wheel installed and I assume they did the trani oil as well. I dont have the money to have a shop do it again. So how to i change the oil in my 5 speed and how much oil does it need?
First of all this happened when my boyfriend was away and I am really ignorant on my car's maintenance. I stopped going to workshops because I can't really communicate well with technicians and I was scared I might get ripped off which sadly happens mostly to women when they go to workshops. I was on the road when my timing belt broke. the workshop I went to informed that there is usually no need to perform overhaul to Honda engine on cases like mine. However after checking workshop informed me that my carburator was bent and they had to overhaul the engine. 4days later they informed me that my timing gear was cracked and must have been hit by the timng belt really hard when it broke so they had to replace it. I had to agree on it because i was desperate to use my car again. Unfortunately i realized that my car (which is a 4th hand ownership)was modified and the timing gear (spare parts) is difficult to find. Used car parts shops in Brunei are also out of stock. The workshop cannot find it in dealer also and they have not make a request to order from their supplier as well. I had to scour the whole country and all the used car parts shops and neighboring country (Miri,Limbang - Malaysia)in hopes that I might get lucky but still there's nothing. to make my story short it took me 4 months to get hold of a used car part of the same model and i was relieved. a week after that that they informed me that the fuel injector had to be serviced outside. a month later my car is still in the workshop because they cannot do the wiring. The ECU is also damaged according to the workshop it must have been caused by the broken timing belt. Now I am really boggled and my boyfriend is very pissed because they seem to be piling up the cost of the repair or just delaying the repair to junk my car. My boyfriend wants to takeover the repair if the workshop cannot do it. Now my car's condition deteriorated, the paint is faded the body is cracked and scratched and the interior is very dirty. I offered to get my boyfriend do the wiring instead and will settle the bill once the car is up and running but they wont release the car if I dont pay for their previous job done. I was forced to take advice from police and now I'm just giving them this week to do something about it before I send a tow truck for my car with a police officer assistance as well. Further I intend to inspect the car parts installed if it matches with the bill. I'm sorry for a lengthy narrative but I will be pleased to get your technical advise.
pops alot while driving through the air intake
Changed head gasket. Car turns over but won't start. Changed spark plugs.& sprayed with starter fluid. Haven't got a clue! Help?
don"t know where motor mounts are on this car and I think
that will help aline the motor for tranny,easier shifting?
need help with the design of the motor to see where there located. please thx accord ex model Probl occurs more often
gets gear gets stuck more often.
Bought Blue Devil to attempt to fix a blown head gasket and possibly a warped or cracked head. I've been assured that it'll fix these issues but I guess I'm wondering what everyone else's opinion on this stuff? Thank you.
Not long after discovering a leak on and or. around the radiato. the car overheated on the interstate. After allowing 3 to 4 hours for. the car to cool it started & we were able to bring it home. We then noticed water in the oil & assumed it was due to a blown head gasket. We've since? replaced the head gasket only to find water in the oil all over again! We've been told by numerous people that this is a sure sign that the head is either warped or.cracked. My question is this: is there an affordable do it yourself way to repair this on your own?
and i notice that there is a clicking sound under the dashboard on the driver side by the fuse box and inside the gear stick.. if i do it manually changing from 1st to 2nd gear it works...
I just can't. Get it to run good at idle.
when gets to running temp it starts missing then low power
My car cranks up fine whenever the engine is cold, but when I drive short distances and turn off the engine, then try to restart it shorty thereafter (ex: When I stop to get gas) the car will turn over, catch and then imminently will act like it stalled out, and then will not re-fire until I have let heat out of the car via opening the hood and turning the heater on. Once I have let it sit like this for a couple minutes, it will start up and run fine. The car has 340+K on it, if that matters.
Occasionally , when cold or hot , the oil, battery lights flicker very briefly and the chime for key in ignition will ding simultaniously with lights. Oil level good, pressure tested @ 17-20PSI @ idle. Honda online info doesn't go back this far anymore(dealership-sad) Anybody have wiring info on this to see if there is a common ground that could be faulty? It has up-graded (recall) ignition switch in it and I've checked that for burnt contacts -looks OK. ?help?
My car is a 1980 Honda Accord. It won't stay running unless I pump the gas pedal like a mad man. I've checked vacuum tubes, and sprayed carborator cleaner in there. That helped a tiny bit but I still have to pump the gas to keep it going. I don't think this helps any but my brake light came on just before everything went bad. Help?
One of my cylinder compressions is only 30 psi. I'm wondering if this is something worth repairing or if that's the end of the engine. She runs really rough, I have to put her in neutral and rev the engine just to keep it going at a stoplight and she smokes bad when she starts up. The engine makes a sort of clicking sound and shakes. Makes it hard to sell even for a really low price!
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