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The problem is the accelaration of this vehcle, cant pull if 4 pass sitting. on 2005 GMC Envoy

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I owned a GMC ENVOY DENALI 2005 The problem is the accelaration of this vehcile is very low if there are 4 passenger sitting in the vehicle, need lot of RMP to move ahead, then slowly the speed picks up, please advice what is the problem ?

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Do you have A Check engine light on or any codes pulled from the obd2 port located under the dash on the driver side??

Thanks for the reply.
I have light for "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" in my dashboard and this light is most of the time appears even the service is been done, therefore the problem could be something elese related to power of enginee, may be gear etc, need your advise. Thanks
A lot of the time with GM vehicles with electronic throttle bodies tend to go out there for causing the reduced power code. its typically reset by turning the vehicle completely off and turning it back on because its an intermittent throttle body going out.
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