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The car makes a horrible clunking noise when it is turning around the corner on 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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When I reverse the car down the driveway and turn the steering wheel to go down the street, the wheels (or something) make a shocking noise and then when I try to straighten up, it is like it is wound up like an elastic band. I have to let the steering wheel go and let it straighten by itself.
It clunks turning corners going forwards and backwards.
It has also, on two occasions, cut the engine out as it was going round a roundabout. Not very good when you have no steering as well. please try and help as we have given it to Jeep to look at, paid AU$360 and they havent improved it.
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It's hard to guess without being able to look at or experience the problem first hand. If it's four wheel/AWD make sure the correct oil is in the transfer case I have seen Honda CRVs with wrong transfer case oil, do something similar and sen older Jeeps "chatter" on turns if the wrong oil is in the transfer box.
Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your interest. Yeah, the oil in the transfer case has been changed to the recommended oil at jeep, but it still makes the same clunk. Sometimes the steering even pulls to one side. Told to get new wheels, did that, Cv Joint has been checked. Not that! It is a mystery. We want to sell it but cant when it sounds so bad.
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you can try adding 2 tubes of limited slip additive that sometimes helps on chatters from transfer cases
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