Q: Hit a curb and snapped front left strut. Rplcd a arm strut spindle act. on 2012 Hyundai Accent

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Abs, low tire, EPS, traction control, and physical steering . All lights come on then the stereo g gets really stiff. Just before the EPS light comes o. Starring vets very easy a d touchy. Was once a month then a week then couple days a week now won't go off or. away and sharing is stiff like no power steering. Please help or better yet just take it to a junk yard. I want a refund. Should b paying me to drive this car.
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That's a good one! You wrecked!! Why do you think you should get paid to drive??? Seems to me it still needs some repair, or the repair done correctly ! Can't blame the car!!
Where was the repair work done? Warranty on faulty parts?.............How far would you drive it for a dollar?
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