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Q: High RPM stuck in low gear and getting low speed on highways on 1997 Dodge Caravan

Car (70000 miles with rebuilt transmission)runs fine on street, but when I take it to the road at constant speed of 50-55 mph or a bit higher, the automatic transmission seems to become stuck in low gear. The RPM rises even at that speed (something like 4500-5000!) and it does not lower substantially even if I reduce speed (something like 3000RPM at 35mph). After I turn the engine off and wait, or if I turn the engine off 5 times, then the engine runs smoothly again as long as I do not try to speed up.
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I'm sorry to say that it sounds like you have a problem internally with your "rebuilt" transmission. You hopefully still have some warranty on it - return to the shop you had it repaired in.
Hi Dave:
Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, the warranty is no longer valid.
Remember: the car works fine at low speed. It only seems to slip into stronger gear when it is running at fast speed at highways. I do not travel much; therefore, I could not detect the problem earlier. What could be the cause for that problem? Some people have said it might be due to weak fuel pump; others say that probably the speed sensors are worn out. Are you saying the cause might be in the high speed gears? I wish I could have a clearer view of the source of the problem before spending more money into it. Thanks for some help...
Whereas I cannot say anything for certain without being there to see your vehicle, I can say that what you are experiencing is probably a slipping overdrive band or something to that effect. Or, you could have a shift solenoid not shifting to the higher gear. Tough thing to figure out without feeling the nuances of the shifting and feeling what the transmission is actually doing. Better yet, being able to monitor or command shifting with a diagnostic tool would be a big help in diagnosis too.

I can definitely say your fuel pump is not to blame. I do not suspect speed sensors have any part of this issue as well. Again, this is where a diagnostic tool monitoring the systems is important to see what the components (sensors, solenoids, etc) are doing. Good luck.
Thanks again!
I will have the vehicle returned to the mechanic for tests with diagnostic tool or else. As soon as I have this problem fixed I will give you some feedback. Happy new year!
I agree with Dave on this subject too. I would feel it is inside the tranny or the converter is bad. Most shops a very good about customer service, just give them a call. I know if I have several life long customers that have spent alot of money with me. And even if it's out of warr. I would try to help them out. A happy customer for life is always better then NO CUSTOMER.
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