Q: high pressure fuel pump $1,000. on 2007 Mini Cooper S

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I'm being quoted $1300 to replace the fuel pump, and since I'm unemployed, has prompted me to be tempted to just drive it until it dies and let Mini take it back. Could you confirm that the quote you show is for the correct fuel pump (supercharged Cooper S) -- looks encouraging! Thanks!
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The labor to remove and replace is about 2 to 2.4 hours depending on options and the parts are available here so I would get another estimate as $1300 seems high
I appreciate the response by Valleyautotech, and I checked the site you recommended and found the part for $863.
There is a recall on the HPFP from MINI USA. I replaced my at 73k miles at my own expense. Just got a refund check from the dealer. Yeehaaa!

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