Q: high pitched whining sound when accelerating on 2005 Nissan Titan

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I have a 2005 Nissan Titan with 65K miles on it. I bought it a year ago and have been hearing a high pitched whining sound coming from the front drivers side down by the tire when feathering the throttle. The sound last anywhere from a split second to 3 seconds and only does it when accelerating at any speed, but is the most annoying when driving on the freeway as the whine will come and go and can be heard in the cabin. It will only make the sound when accelerating in gear. I can't recreate the sound in neutral or reverse when pressing the accelerator. Any ideas as to the cause or where I should start looking to fix this?
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Hearing the high pitched whining sound - from the left front - does not sound like anything I can think of. From the rear, I would think pinion bearing or ring and pinion. Is this a 4x4 truck? If so, it could be a front differential bearing or something in the front axle. Having a tech inspect it first hand is probably the best choice. Here is a listing of local shops...