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Q: high oil consumption on 2002 Buick LeSabre

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this vehicle uses 1 quart of oil between 1,000 - 2,000 miles. No sign of oil leaks under motor. No blue smoke out exhaust.
I have a 2004 LeSabre 48,000 miles that uses a quart every 1,700 miles. I have an extended warrenty through GM but am having a hard time convincing the service manager this is not normal.
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Engine oil consumption can only be caused by a leak or the engine burning the oil. A leak will be obvious as it will leave oil under the car where you park or oil film on the engine. Oil burning internally in the engine can be due to the oil control rings, cylinder wear, valve guide or valve guide seal wear. Try changing up one viscosity of oil say go from a 5/30W to a 10/30W oil. If any of the spark plugs show signs of fouling the problem will need to be addressed. Fixing any internal problem is going to be more expensive. The cheapest item you can replace is the PCV valve in hopes this may help, it controls the way the engine breathes and recycles oil vapor.
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It is hard to accept this oil consumption I have 160,000 miles on my car with 3,000 mile oil change and hardly use a drop between 3,000 mile changes. Always document your oilchanges and protest loudly to your dealer.
I have 1999 Buick Lesabre Limited with 150,000 miles and it takes 1 quart of oil at every 2000 miles. No oil leak and no smoke. I'm convince that this is normal for 3800 Series II engines. The reason for this consumption is the design of the valve seals. Different engines have different valve seals and different oil consumption. For example, BMW V8 4.5L and 5.0L engines take 1 quart every 1000 miles, and that's normal.
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