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Q: high idle 1200rpm and sometimes died when put into gear. on 1990 Ford F-150

the truck is a 4x4
First problem truck shut off . Friend replaced coil cap and rotor.
He crossed sum plug wires.

So them I took a look and it was ignition Module. Replaced it started right up.

Now it idles high. And dies when its put into drive or reverse.
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i have a 69 chevelle/malibu that does the same thing.
ive tried alot, and now i idle at about 2500rpm, and idle low when in D or R. from what i understand you might have an intake exhaust leak or something like that. u need to get some new gaskets which are like 15 bucks and chenge them out. the plate underneath the carb.
its about 8 to 10 bolts, but if you have optimal conditions it should only take about 2hrs. i could be wrong but have someone look first...

if anyone knows anything else please let me know also
Try cleaning the idle valve. Remove it from the engine, and clean any carbon out of it that you can see. Try searching for this term "clean Ford idle valve" and you will find instructions on how to do this.
I looked it up and it does have an idle air control valve.
Could it have something to do with timing. Cuz I had to pull out distributor just a but. But engine startts right up instantly.
Just the high idle and dies when put in gear. I can't hear a vacum leake that will make it idle so high. But won't a vac leak drop rpms?
I cleaned the IAC and the RpMs dropped to 700-900 and now it dies after a minute after it is turned on. And when I put it in gear.
It driving me nuts. What else can it be. I replaced the ect sensor and does tje same thing.
Could engine Vac is at 20in. And egr works. I apply vacuum and engine wants tO stall..
Spark plugs r new. What Can it be.
does it die when in gear perhaps drive or reverse?...if that is the case and you are positive everyhting else is good, i suspect torque converter locking up...
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