Q: high engine lidle on 2003 Ford Taurus

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after failing to start, the car started and now the engine idles over 3000 rpm. the idle comes back down after 15 seconds if you dont touch the accelerator pedal.
in park, and racing the engine, the engine misses (or sputters) at 6000 rpm.
(2) Answers
Do not,I repeat do not hold the throttle wide open in neutral. Its going to spit and sputter at 6000 RPM because the computer is trying to keep you from blowing your motor all over the parking lot.
Is the check engine light on? The computer controls the idle set point from the information it receives from various sensors. If it is getting some bad information from a faulty sensor, the computer will never be able to control the idle set point. The way Fords regulate the idle is with a Idle Air Control and the Throttle Position Sensor is critical in transmitting to the computer how fast you want to get your engine to run. Those are the likely suspects but, a scan tool would be necessary to do a proper diagnosis. Thanks, Chuck - Baum Blvd Automotive