Q: Hi, I need proceedure to replace brake pads on my 1994 mercedez s500 on 1994 Mercedes-Benz S500

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I started to remove the brake pads off the car. as soo i removed all four bolts, some green liquid started to leak. installed all four bolts back into place. can you guide me in how to replace fron brake pads on my car.
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There are 2 pins that guide the pads, rears have only one, these pins are held in the caliper by a spring clip. Find a pin punch that will fit the small hole on the outside of the caliper, couple of taps with a hammer and it should start to move. Completely remove both pins. With a screwdriver, gently pry back the pad from the rotor, be sure to fully retract the pistons on each side of the caliper. with pistons retracted, the pad should slip right out the top of the caliper. If you have to change the rotor, there is 2 bolts in behind that hold the caliper to the spindle, remove the caliper in one peice, if you remove the 4 bolts in the body of the caliper, there is a chance the seal will be comprimised causing loss of brakes.