Q: hey i fixed the oil in my over flow how do i on 2001 Volkswagen Passat

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flush the radiator all the way and no one will flush it went to three places they say it takes a special additive is that true or can i use antifreeze can i do it or do i have to take it to the dealer
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Some independent repair shops (and dealers) have a flushing system that attaches to your engine and refills the cooling system with "their" antifreeze/coolant. VW have introduced a new coolant that is purple in color and does not mix any aftermarket coolant (it does replace, and can be mixed with the previously used VW "pink" coolant).
The best thing to do is drain the engine block, the radiator and flush water through the heater core to flush out remaining coolant and refill with the approved VW coolant. There is a procedure to follow to prevent air from getting trapped in the heater core (there is a bleed passageway).
so is it not possible to drain the coolant system, flush with water and fill with antifreze with out bleeding the system and prevent the heater core from holding trapped air