Q: Hesitates on acceralation, stalled on 2003 Ford Expedition

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Hesitates during acceralation, stalled while driving, checked coils those are fine, service engine soon light came but no codes thrown
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Have a mechanic run a SCAN test, if light came on, while the engine was running, and codes were not cleared, test should show code(s).
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How did you check the coils? If the check light came on there should be a stored codethat may not be showing with a code reader. We have the factory scan tool and we are a repair pal top shop. Check out our profile and give us a call. We would be glad to help you.
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The service engine soon light came on not the check engine light - we took it to auto zone and they did the diagnostic scan and nothing showed up. We ere told to disconnect the negative cable from the battery and see if it would come on again and it hasn't but issue still occurring.
Service eng. soon and check engine light mean the same thing! When you unhooked the battery ,you deleted the codes except for P1000. Next time a yellow light comes on have a mechanic scan test it, not a parts pusher with a code guesser! Contact the shop listed in answer #2 if you want to know what the trouble is.
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