Q: help please on 1995 Mercedes-Benz C220

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i just baught the car and the gas gauge and speedomiter started to fail, then i was driving it and i was at a stop and pressed the gas to go forward and it didnt go it started to move very slowly when it finaly was moving at about 20 mph it started to drive ok until i stopped again and i pressed on the gas to go forward and it didnt want to go it finaly started moving slowly but then it died out it would start again until about 20 min later and again it would accelerate i put the peddle to the floor it started to move slow until it got enough speed it started to work ok but when i came to a stop again it did the same thing... can someone help me im not sure what it could be... i took it to a mechanic and he said it was the gas pump but im not sure if he is right...
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It could quite possibly be the fuel pump that has failed, make sure the fuel filter is also replaced as a restricted fuel filter can cause the fuel pump to fail and a bad pump could clog a fuel filter. A bad fuel pump relay could also cause problems so many things "could" be the source of the problem but you would need to be able to do diagnostic tests to come to any firm conclusions as to whats wrong. .