Q: HELP!!! My check engine light, VSC and trac lights all came on. on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

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HELP!!! My check engine light, VSC and trac lights all came on. The car runs fine when it is moving, but when idle at a stop light it shakes like crazy. I took it to the dealer and they are telling me that these codes mean that my timing chain (which my engine has 3) skipped a tooth and needs to be replaced, but to replace it the entire engine needs to be taken apart. BIG $$$$$ to fix. I have been reading posts that state to check the gas cap, oxygen senor and the EVAP value. Has any had a timing chain go?
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there are over 1500 possible codes. you choose not to believe the dealer so I suggest going to another shop for an opinion. each cars problems are unique in there own way. looking on the internet will not fix your car, a qualified tech and a good shop will.
get more opinions from shops before you decide. if it is the chains, then yes, it is a big buck job. the chains fail from bad or worn out tensioners.

how did you fix your problem?

I have the same problem with my:
Lexus RX300 1999-2003 P0021, P0300, P0304

Hope you did not spend lots of money on it and find good solution.
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