Q: help me please lol on 1993 Lexus ES300

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i have a 1993 lexus es300 and the problem im having is that for one the check engine light came on a couple days ago which i know i'm gonna have to take it to get that checked out. right beside the check engine light, the light i guess is the low water warning light, or if some one could fill me in on what the name of the light. but thats the problem, the light comes on and i know i dont have a water leak any where and the radiator is doing fine. Can anyone help me , i want to know what are my options as far as getting it fixed.
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Is the Icon a picture of an oil can with some wiggly lines under the oil can? It is a sign the engine is low in oil and needs to be topped up.
thanks I had the same light come on and off for and I wasn't sure if it was the oil light. When I had the oil changed I didn't see it for quite a while but it is due now an the light keeps coming on. I guess it's that time again.