Q: Help I can't keep my g20 running! on 1995 Infiniti G20

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I bought my 1995 G20 for $400.00. Love it and it runs great until.... I cleaned the EGR Valve, due to chugging at stop lights, and going up hill. But this did not seem to help! Now I can get the car started but it will not stay running, as soon as I apply a little gas it dies out. Can someone tell me what else it might be. Single Mom with three kids, and I really need this car.... any help is appreciated! Thanks
(1) Answer
Check your fuel pressure, you may have a weak fuel pump. These symptoms are consistent with a weak fuel pump, BUT first, test the system pressure, it should be about 36 psi.
If the fuel pressure is ok, then, check your ignition parts, including your coil. Do you have a check engine light or service engine soon light on, if so get the code(s).