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Q: Hello to you,
I own a 2000 C3500 truck. Is it common for valve body to wear out? on 2000 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup

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Yes, my truck is a 2000 year, Chevrolet, C3500 Crew Cab with long truck bed. Anyway, I was wondering how common it is for the valve body to wear out on the 4l80E transmission? Reason is, my truck shifts great at the start of the day but as I drive it up to operating temperature or approxiamtely 30 minutes my truck will shoft out of fourth gear/overdrive into third gear and remain in third gear until I shut of the truck say for about 10 seconds and will start shifting fine until it does it all over again. What do you think is the cause a bad or worn out valve body or torque convertor? I don't know and don't want to shell out money unnecessarily. I also, do not get any check engine lights. I have taken it tom two transmission places and the first palce AMMCO told me I got a code, P1870 "Transmission component slipping" and I need a full rebuild for $2000.00 which I don't think I do becuase the tranny shifts too good when cold, like brand new until it gets up to temperature and the second transmission guy and independent transmission specialist told me that I need to get the valve body reamed out to install a updated Actuator Feed Limit Valve and change out the force motor or EPC, Pressure Control Solenoid and change out some seals inside the valve body to fix it. One more thing, I do get more of a harsh shift from 1 to 2 gear when the transmission kicks out of fourth gear or overdrive. Suggestions would be appreciated and what direction I should go in. If it helps I have found a brand new valve body with all the solenoids valves etc and transmission filter and pan gaskets etc. for $224.95 that I was thinking about purchasing and replacing the valve body in my truck to possibly solve this issue. What is your thoughts? Thanks, very much, Bob
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this gm's weak link. these trans are good for approx 100k miles only. what makes them better is reg services and only drive veh in over drive while on freeway.
Greg's Auto Shop,
So you meaning I need a full rebuild or do I need to replace the valve body on my truck?
Why wouldn't a brand new valve body over a valve body upgrade fix the issue. I am not to sure what your trying to say there. I just want to do the right thing that is all.
Because it dont come with the up grade or modifications that's what i am talking about! Transmission man knowes what to do.
But it's totally your call.
I don't have $2800.00 lying around to purchase a another transmission. So I have decided that I will get the valve body upgrades done by the transmission expert to see if this fixes my transmission issue I am having. I told the transmission guy that IU will bring my truck to him this Staurday so he can get the valve body repaired/upgraded. The transmission expert said that he was 99% sure that the valve body repair will fix my transmission issue. Will report back to let you know if the valve body repair solved my issue or not. The repair price he quoted me is way tons less than $2,800.00 dollars for a replacement transmission.
I have seen this repair performed, even the new valve body would not have had this done to it! I bet it will fix it, trans. mecannics know a few tricks and the latest and greatest repair tcheniques. Used to do it myself. Wise choice i think to go this route.
There is a BUNCH of transmissions replaced when all they needed was a simple repair, by a MECHANIC.
I agree with you. Why get another transmission and waste your money when your current one is fine just needs a minor repair and will be good as new again. I have heard the 4L80E is a pretty good transmission but they have had problems with the aluminum valve body in these compared to the TH400 that was used in the 1 ton trucks before the 4L80E came out. The TH400 had a cast iron/steel valve body from what I have researched and read on-line. Yeah, the transmission expert that is doing the job laughed when I told him AAMCO wanted to do a full rebuild on my transmission especially after he took my truck for a drive to see how the tranny performed and determine from the drive what to do to fix the issue. He said I definitely DO NOT!!! need a rebuild and he said that the Actuator Feed Limit valve bore is worn out inside this transmission valve body causing my issues but he said that he woukd do a full rebuild of the valve body and do some other updates to it as well and I would be back in business. He quoted me at $465.00 to do this job including transmission Synthetic transmission fluid, filter, etc. Which I think is alot cheaper than getting a transmission rebuilt especially if it works like a brand new one.
OK my tranny has approximately 127,000 miles on her. What do you suggest? What are you trying to say when you say it is a 2000?
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it has 127000 miles on it a repair MIGHT just be a waste of money considering the high miles on a trans that are known for major failure around that mileage. just some advise take it or leave it
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