Q: Hello i keep getting codes po141 and po161 02 sensor heater codes. on 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML350

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had it to the dealer changed 02 sensors and repaired a plug under the seat for 02 sensors. drove it about 150 miles and the codes came back i really dont want to bring it back there im sure you know why. can any one help thanks jim
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P0161 02 sensor circuit high voltage bank 2 sensor 2, P0141 02 sensor circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2, The heater circuit are fuse component located in the engine fuse box listed as fuse number 43, if found open replace it with the same amp rating. They are also control by a circuit relay
thank you i will check the fuse today and let you know how i made out jim / checked the fuse its good #43 said rear heater fuse. can you tell me where the circut relay is? im going crazy and spending alot of money thank you ps. is there another fuse box besodes the one in the engine compartment? checked fuses they are good. still no power at the 02 sensors. can you please tell me where the circut relay is thank you jim