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Q: Hello, I am getting a p0300 code.. Trying to find the root of it. Any help? on 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

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New plugs, cleaned intake filter and sensor, ruining alittle rough at idle, cold warm doesn't matter.. But what's worst is that when I put it In gear it putts with a little back fire off of take off till it gets over 1500rpm then it straightens up and I get full power back .. This happens 86% of the time.. Sometimes even driving normal.. I feel like it could be anything. I could end put wasting a lot of money on this plz help
Online guessing would also be a waste of your money because as you said ,it could be anything , a scanner with 'live data' would be the most efficient way to correctly and quickly diagnose the cause.
Im leaning to the fact it could be the ERG valve..I have been looking a scanner.. What would be a good one.?
I couldn't answer your question about a good aftermarket scanner , I've been at a Honda dealership for a while kind of out of the loop when it comes to aftermarket scanners , however , you can rule out the EGR easily without a scanner , by simply using a block-off plate or ???if electrically controlled , by unplugging it???(this is where someone else with Dodge experience should kick in & tell me if I'm wrong!!). You might end up with an EGR fault code , but if the other symptoms go away , then you're on the right track.
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