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Heights Autohaus
March 13, 2012

This review is for Heights Autohaus on Shepherd Dr. at 14th.

Please, avoid Mark's shop at all costs. I have never experienced such poor customer service, or quality of work in my 25 years of taking cars to the repair shop. Beware, he is an extraordinarily condescending and rude human being.

He refuses to return phone calls--a very bad sign. When he does elect to answer the phone, he is curt. Our car required suspension work for noise coming from the front end and a fuel sender to be replaced. The car was returned to us, after one week, supposedly fixed, but with the original noise still eminating from the front, and the entire car reeked of fuel.

We were told by the kids working on the car that the fuel smell would go away, and that the noise from the front end was "probably the fender liner" and would clear up. Neither happened.

Upon finally reaching Mark to clear this up, he said, curtly, bring it in and he would look at it. Long story short--an additional 12 DAYS went by, meanwhile I'm paying on a rental. Final shop bill was for 1.2 hrs of total work! 1.2 hrs of work in 12 DAYS?? To get any information from this shop was like pulling teeth. And everytime we made contact, there were excuses, and plenty of them.

Mark, the customer comes first. We were very gracious, and you took complete advantage of us. Best I can do is to warn others--STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP!!

One note here: Because there is no option for NO stars, I had to chose ONE star.

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