Q: Heating/Ac on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

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Why is it that when i am driving my car and all windows are down and everything my car is blowing hot air through my vents. I have climate control and i will turn the a/c on the lowest position (60 degrees) and wait til its cold then turn it off and then the air coming from the vents when it is off is hot air. Could it just be that my a/c is in need or recharging?
(1) Answer
In most cases when the a/c is off the temperature blend door will stay in position it was when the system is turned off. In your case the door should be in the full cold position. This will allow outside air to pass through the system and it should come out of the dash vents with no temperature change from the outside air (if the outside temperature is 95 degrees then the air out of the dash will be 95 degrees, the a/c is off so no cooling can take place). If the air discharge is warmer than the outside air then the temperature door must be moving to the heat position when the system is off. If that is the case then your a/c system will need to be checked by a qualified technician for proper operation.