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Q: heating problem, more power, and noises on 1998 Ford Escort

my car is a good car but i want more power and a lil better mpg. i have the dohc 2.0 and for some reason when siteing for a few or driveing in hot weather if the a/c or heater is not on it starts to over heat and i dont know why but it the winter it will read cold... Iv changed the theremostat a few times its not that and its not my water pump what can it be... also when stoping my car makes a clicking noise that sounds like it comes from the front passenger side could it be worped rotor throughing things off making it click? and what can i do thats cheap to get a lil more power and better mpg...
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I would have a look at the cooling fan. When you are just idling and idling low - there is not enough coolant flow through the hot engine, and there is not any air flow through the front end while you're not moving...unless the fan is blowing.

The noise -- if it's a clicking noise stopping, a rotor could contribute to some noise; but more likely - you have a pad moving in the caliper a little bit and rhythmically ticking. This can be because of a rattle clip that is broken or mispositioned. Or, a pad shim could be loose. I would definitely have a look here.

Power AND MPG? Wow, that's a tall order. Especially for 1998 technology. This engine doesn't offer a whole lot that is special. The only way I can think of boosting performance is by investigating the availability of a performance air filter. Do a web search and see about the availability for your vehicle.
So what if the fan dont come on or stay on as much as it should and or some times stays on to long causeing the motor to cool to much wat would i look it to for that cause the fan would be good right and if the fuses are good what could it be?
and for the brakes it could be but i here almost like a poping noise some times i took it in and had it checked but was told that every thing looked good and was fine...
and for mpg is there chips i could get some one told me i could chip it and it would give me a bit more mpgs and power.... would a small hole in my exaust cause me to loose mpg
Cooling fan - the motor itself could have an issue, relays often cause a problem.

Brakes -- have the inspection done - not just for wear but check for the clips and shims.

Chips? Oh my; well anything is possible I suppose. I don't think the engine can handle a ton more and I know for a fact the transmission cannot. Just beware of anything further than a modest power gain, and I don't expect you'll see a MPG gain. Just being honest.

Hole in the exhaust - if it's before the catalytic converter - it can cause engine performance issues. If it's after, it's more noise and exhaust fumes mainly...and a modest issue with engine performance due to a change in back pressure.
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