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Q: heater won't work on 1995 Dodge Neon

Heater will not work. Filled coolant yesterday now it's empty today. What is going on! Where is the coolant going?
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You have a large leak somewhere. If you are not seeing it on the ground, your headgasket has probably failed and it is going into your oil and burning off. Signs of this are rougher running and thick smoke coming out of tailpipe.
Had oil changed yesterday and the repair guy said I didn't even need the change. Not running rough nor is there any smoke. Car actually runs great. When I put the Antifreeze in, there wasn't any antifreeze in the water that filled the radiator. The overflow is presently is a quarter filled with antifreeze. I plan to check again tomorrow. But I filled the gas tank up in this 1995 Dodge Neon. Got 190 miles, after a complete tune-up, and now have a quarter of a quarter tank of gas. As I said, car running really smooth. Think its a gas leak? By the way, the heater blower isn't even blowing. When it was blowing, it was very hot. The Alternator was bad, so I got a new one. Still not blowing. And the Air Bag light comes on whenever I turn the heater on. When I turn the heater off, the light goes off. Could the heater motor be gone? Right now, I'm getting 190 miles per tank of gas. There is only a air bag light that comes on whenever I turn the heater on. There is no air (Cold or hot) coming from the heater. I need help bro.
Listen for the blower motor fan to engage when you turn on heater. Try all speed levels. If 1 or 2 speeds do work, your blower motor resistor is bad. If no speed settings work, your blower motor is probably bad and needs replaced. Check fuses first and makes sure nothing is burnt out. Then check for power at blower motor. Apparently the low coolant wasn't your problem at the moment, it was already real low when you put some in. Keep checking coolant level in the future.
water pump may be leaking or freeze plug on engine block may have gone bad and needs to be replaced ,also check radiator and hoses for leaks ,after filling radiator to correct level also check out heater core.note :L if you determine it is your water pump ,then it maybe a good time to also ,to instll new thermostat
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