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Q: Heater suddenly went out, replaced by a constant clicking on 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

I left the house this morning and about ten minutes into my drive the heat suddenly went out. The blower still works, but as far as I can tell it only blows outside temperature air (I'm guessing this because the air was cold and it was cold outside, and my a/c is messed up so it couldn't have been a/c.) After the heat went out I noticed a soft, constant clicking coming from what seemed to be deep in the dash, right around the center (maybe a little to the left of the cd player, a/c controls etc...) I haven't had a chance to pop the hood and investigate the source of the clicking yet, and there's a possibility it was doing this before the heat went out and I just didn't notice. Another note, I have had a pest in my truck recently, a mouse that regularly sneaks its way inside and I've noticed "evidence" of it being in/around the heater blower and vents, not sure if this has anything to do with my issue but I figured it may have chewed a wire or something.
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I had the problem as there is a servo motor actuated flap in the black plastic heater box over the hump in the floor. The actuator motor is working but the flap which directs either cool or hot air into the car is now broken from the actuator. Ford will tell you that the whole dash has to come out. Look on the internet, and you can repair it yourself. I got the flapper from NAPA autoparts and cut into the black box bottom and removed the broken part and replaced with the new flapper for 30 dollars, not the 2000 dollars that Ford wants to repair it. Look on the internet for the proceedure. One guy has a real good picture by picture proceedure to replace this part. Don't bother with the stick and epoxy fix or anything else, get the part, a dremel tool and spend about 3 hours standing on your head to replace this. It only takes about 30 actual minutes to fix it, but somehow standing on your head to get oriented to the step by step proceedure took me awhile. I wanted to make sure my cuts into the plastic box were correct. I could do the next one a lot faster. Good luck
Do you live in Atlanta, GA area? Can you come fix mine? I am having the same issue as you.
I have searched the web and can not find the instructions you talked about. Do you have the website or link for this information. It is freezing here in Philly and as I am unemployed right now, I need to try to fix this myself! Thanks so much! Also, will this work on a 2004 model?
I have same make and modle and went threw the same issie with heat. Contact me at an easy fox, cost nothing to fix..
Air blend door motor is out. Look behind the left side of the glove box on top of the air ducts. There will be a white plug with 5 wires comming out of it the part is held on with 3 screws rplace it and you will be done.If you have ATC control with digital read out and you here the clicking stop before you replace the the blend door motor ,get ready to replace it to . Its about 700.00 dollars dealer only item.
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