Q: Heater Problems on 2001 Audi A4 Quattro

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Everytime I try to drive in the morning, the windshield is frozen with ice. I put water on it and I start the car. The trick is to turn on the heater and when I try only cold air comes out. Even when the car is completely heated and started, only COLD air seems to come out of the vents. I put the A/C setting to Heat or on "HIGH" temperature. I don't know what the problem is but I am literally freezing to death in my own car. Please someone tell me whats wrong with my car.
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Please see the Repairpal article on heating systems to see what may be wrong with your 2001 Audi A4 Quattro:
i own the same car in a 6 cyl with the same problem. hate to say it, but my heater core seems to have sediment in it that did not all come out when flushed with a garden hose, but did get slightly better. for now, set temp to "high" and fan speed to "low" and seat heater to "fry".
Assuming all your cooling system parts are in good condition there are probably three problems. The heater core is plugged, there is air in system and there is no coolant flowing to heater core at idle. A common problem with this car. Mine was the same even with new coolant pump.
I built a flushing unit with pump and small tank and flushed core "only" with a product called Thoro Flush by Irotite. Check product details on web. I installed a aux 12V electric coolant pump in inlet heater hose by cooling flange outlet to move coolant through core. It is the after-run coolant pump found on V6 VW engine cars. Now have great heat regardless of engine rpm. Controlled pump through a additional oil pressure switch which produces a ground when pressure comes up on start therefore is a stand alone system. Dave
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