Q: heater not providing hot air on 2002 Chevrolet S10

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No hot air, no coolant leaks, hoses seem ok, water hoses feel hot but
no hot air. engine runs at about 190 deg after new thermostat.
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It sounds as if the temperature door actuator is stuck in the cold position, but A clogged heater core would not be uncommon so make sure both the inlet and outlet heater hoses are hot! Service information states the dash must be removed to replace the temp door actuator. It is on top of the heater box. You may be able to access it by removing the glove box.
Thanks much for the information...both heater hoses are hot, so I can safely assume water is travelling thru?
Yes, If both heater hoses are hot to the touch then you can assume coolant is flowing through the heater core.
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