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Q: Heater not blowing hot air, no coolant inside passenger compartment. Hoses hot on 1992 Pontiac Firebird

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My Heater is not blowing out hot only cold no matter what selection is made on the controls mix,a/c,def,etc. I've checked the radiator fluid it's full, checked hoses they are hot, there's no radiator fluid smell nor is there any kind of fluid in the passenger compartment floor board. The temp gauge when car is not started, sits at 0 and when the car gets to running temp goes to about 180 to 200 like it should. Not sure why it's not blowing out hot. We've had some pretty cold temps here in Montana and wind chills could it be that it's just so dang cold that it can't get my heater working correctly?
There are doors in the dash that change the air from hot to cold. It may be stuck on cold, not allowing hot air to go through. Do be sure that both the inlet AND outlet hose of the heater core are hot, though.
found the problem it was the one of the doors alright to the heater core, the slider linkage to adjust the hot/cold was off of it's post and I must have lost the the retainer that holds the linkage to the post that opens the door when the heater controls are moved from hot to cold. I found it on my own but I thank you DaveJHM for your comment and happy Thanksgiving to all...
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