1995 Ford Escort Q&A

1995 Ford Escort Question: Heater not blowing hot air

My heater is not blowing out hot air when the car is sitting still or idling a light you can smell exhaust fumes -
Answer 1
Is it blowing cold air? Just making sure it's blowing air at all. If it's only cold, you could have a theromstat problem - the engine may not be warming up. Check the hoses going into and coming out of the heater core. If they are both cool or luke warm, then it's a thermostat issue. If one is hot and one is cool, then you could have a heater core restriction. The exhaust fumes - make sure you do not have any exhaust leaks - this is bad all the way around. Besides that, make sure you have the reciruclation setting on, keeping air from coming in from the outside. -
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