Q: Heater not blowing any hot air at all on 1995 Jeep Cherokee

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I've got a 95 jeep cherokee, i noticed this winter it was takin a while to get the heater to blow hot air, it was takin bout 15 minutes of driving befor i would get it, and slowly gettin worse, now its spring and it will not even blow any hot air out, just blows cool air, my ac still works just too let ya know.. where do i start? is the thermostat not openin, do i need to flush the heater core?? i have know idea.. never had to mess with a heatin/cooling system on a car befor, but can fix if i know whats up.. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Shaun Hastings
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i would start with replacing the thermostat and a good power flush. take care to look at the heater control valve for clogging.

probably something you need to take to a shop to have done. we do it for 89.00 and is well worth it.

What do you mean when ya say power flush?? talkin bout flushin heater core, radiator? thanks for the reply