Q: Heater Core Replacement on 1996 Ford F-250

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Can this be done without removal of the dash? Will glove box removal give me enough access?
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yes it can. instructions below.
Drain cooling system.
Disconnect heater hoses from heater core tubes in engine compartment and plug hoses.
Remove glove compartment for easier access.
Move the Rear Antilock Module out of the way.
Disconnect vacuum source, then leave the vacuum harness attached to the heater core cover.
Remove the heater control cable from the cover using tool D91T-18532-A.
Fig. 8 Heater Core Replacement

Remove the screws attaching heater core access cover to plenum chamber assembly in passenger compartment, then remove access cover.
Remove heater core and seal out of plenum chamber assembly.
Reverse procedure to install.

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You got lucky, this is an easy one. Only 2.2 hours by the book.. Expect to have a day on this and just be careful tugging and pulling, you may still have a screw or two in the housing...Good luck
you may have to remove a few other items, but removal of the entire dash should not be necessary
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