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Q: Heater core replacement on 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

I am trying to unattache the hoses from the firewall side of the car. The manuel says to raise up the car to take the hoses off the heater core. Well, there is a cross member right in the way. I cannot reach the hoses from either the top or the bottom. Is there another way to get them off? Also, I'm trying to locate the SIR connector on each side of the car. The Chilton manuel doesn't give a clear diagram of what they look like so I want make sure I disconnect the right connectors under the dash. The one I am assuming is the connector is the long white plastic section with a blue connector attached on the side.
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Sorry - no real tricks to share on the heater core. You just have to find a way to get to them - top or bottom. Many repairs don't come with detailed instructions - you have to make your own best method.

Not sure what a SIR connector is...?
It makes sure that the airbag doesn't go off when you're dismanteling the dash. Although, I completely dismantled the dash without disconnecting the SIR connector on the drivers side or on the passenger side. I guess disconnecting the negitive cable on the battery helped that situation, I think anyway! Thanks for your information, I guess I just have to wing it!
Thanks for the clarification;

The best thing to do for the air bag is: Disconnect the battery and leave it that way. In 5-10 minutes, you are good to go.

So yes, you are right on.
Don't recommend this for a novice to do, I spent two days on this project! Also, you do need to disconnect the SIR's because there was more to be taken off of the dash to get down to the heater core, after getting down to the heater core we took a sawsall to the metal hose connectors to get the hoses off of the firewall, after that we lubricated the hoses and they went on with no problem, not conventional, but it worked. It was a challnge, but I sure don't think I want to do this again!
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