heater blowing cold air. on 2000 Ford E-150

I have changed the thermostat,heater hoses are hot and in good condition. I have a blend door switch and and a selector switch coming in the mail and the door actuators seem to be working fine. No codes on my scanner. Any suggestions on what I'm missing? Thank you Barry Brown

by in Kingwood, TX on November 16, 2012
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ANSWER by on November 16, 2012
What engine? Water pump pumping enough volume through heater core? Both hoses burn your hands?
COMMENT by on December 13, 2012
2000 e150 4.6 engine Both hoses are really hot. Can you tell me how to check if the blend door is broken? Thank you Barry
ANSWER by on November 17, 2012
Door actuators work fine? so why buy a blend door switch and selector switch?...
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