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Q: Heater Blowing cold air? on 1997 Ford Explorer

Heater core is fine, it blows cold air, the air conditioner works fine. not sure what the problem is. it did work fine till yesterday when I tried to use it. the weather was good here for a few days and i had it to off for a few days, now it doesn't work??????
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My door actuator is also broken. You can spend hundreds to fix or you can do what I do, manually change it to hot during the winter and when you want it cool, you can use the switch.

1. Take the glove box door off by opening the door and pressing the two sides together.
2. Turn the heater switch to full blast. (You may "should" hear a clicking sound on the passenger side of the dash just under the glove box on the support column.)
3. Place your hand inside the left dash panel and try to feel for a lever, it will be located approximately 4-6 inches and to the left and down on the column. The lever is approx 3" long and you can push it in the up direction. This will now blow warm air.

If you look under the drivers side dash board column you will see the approx position of this lever by viewing the actuator - it is usually white from the factory.
Is your temperature gauge showing normal operating temperatures? Is it running hot at all? First thing is to check your coolant level. Any air pockets in the system can cause your heater to blow cold air. Check your heater control valve to make sure it is allowing coolant flow through the heater core. When the engine is warm and your heater is going, feel the heater hoses by the core to see if one or both is cold. Have a friend adjust the temperature to see if the control valve actuates. hope this helps
the coolant is fine checked that. checked both sides of the heater core I think it may actually be the heat control itself.
I have the same prob. W/ my 95 1500 5.2 v8. The dealership said the prob. Is the door in the dash that directs hot/cold air into the cab depending on what you have the temp set at.
Dealership fix: $1,000+
do it yourself fix: probably a lot cheaper.
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