Q: Heater on 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

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My heater was working wonderfully well. Unfortunately last week, all of a sudden, there is no heat, no defrost, nothing. It's now below freezing where I live. Checked the water pump, radiator both replaced within 2 1/2 months. Not running hot .... any suggestions?
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The blower doesn't even turn on?

Do you have digital temperature control (EATC) or manual knobs?
Everything works well -- turn the knobs, they work. The air is blowing out . just no warm temperature. They are manual knobs.
OK. Make sure your heater hose going in and the one coming out of your heater core are very hot when the engine is warm. If they are, then it's a temperature control issue inside the vehicle - the temperature blend door actuator perhaps.

If the heater hoses to the heater core are not very hot, you could have a thermostat issue for example.
My blowers aren't working in the front of the mountaineer at all; not even defrosters. However my heat does pump out of the vents but that also takes about a half hour of driving on the regular streets or 15 mins on the highway. What's wrong and how much would it cost me? Please get back to me ASAP. It's really cold and I have a little one. Thank you