Q: Heated Seat Problems on 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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My heated seats quit working. Also, the power drivers seat quit working at the same time. Fuses are good. Passenger power seat works fine. At first, the heated seats and power drivers seat stopped working and then the next morning it would work fine. This happened a couple of times where they would work one minute and not the next. Now they don't work at all.
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I had exact problem with my 2006 2500 Silverado. I reached under front of drivers seat, directly below where your right leg would be and attached to the seat bottom. One of the connectors had come apart slightly. This has at least temporarily solved the problem. Now just monitoring if or until it pulls apart again. Kinda weird but thankfully a easy fix. Too cold here in Minnesota for no heated seats.
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The connector for the seat adjust and heat come through the carpet underneath the drivers seat. Common occurance is toys or books jammed under the seat from the back which in turn will eventually disconnect the connector and cause both to not work. Remove clutter and reconnect. Hope this helps
had same problem. spent hrs trying to find cause.found same problem on repair pal. found orange wire pulled out of connector.repaired same,problem solved!thanks!!
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