Q: Heated Leather Seats on 2003 Dodge Intrepid

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Hi Folks!

I was wondering if anyone has experience installing seat heaters under leather upholstery in a 2003 intrepid. I'm fairly mechanically enclined and have no worries about the electric aspect of the job. I just have never taken any kind of upholstery other than door panels apart. Would the leather be glued to the under lying foam or is it held with velcro or tie straps of some kind? Just don't want to trash the leather is all. Any suggestions or information would sure be appreciated!

Thanks a bunch in advance. Cheers, arm
(2) Answers
Usually the seat covers are held on to the seat from underneath with hog rings ( Round half moon shaped metal rings ) You'll need a set of hog ring pliers and hog rings to install your new seat covers ( Local feed store has them ) or online from a upholstery supply site.
Remove the 4 bolts holding the seat frame/track to the floor. Tilt seat track and recliner assembly back to Disconnect seat cushion heater element harness connectors from seat pan. Remove seat cushion and /or seatback covers by disengaging the plastic J-strap (about 6 to 10" in length) attaching seat cover from the seat cushion frame . Peel cover from foam and foam from frame access the hog rings Cut hog rings attaching seat cover seat cushion. Route seat function switches through access hole on outboard side of seat cushion. Remove seat cushion cover from seat cushion. Factory seat heater elements are built into the cushion/seatback cover. Replacement elements are self adhesive and are applied directly over the foam cushion. reverse procedure for assembly using caution to route wiring correctly.