Q: Heat/AC only works when the car is in motion on 1994 Honda Accord

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My heater and A/C BOTH WORK, but the air doesn't blow out of the vents.

When the car is not moving then nothing comes out.

When I'm driving it comes out and the faster I go the faster the air comes out. When I slow down, so does the rate the air comes out.

The knob to adjust how much air you want to come out does nothing. The only thing I can do is turn it on or off.

I don't have the money to put it in the shop right now and I don't know anything about fixing heat/AC in cars other than checking the fuses-and they're fine. Even if you can't tell me exactly what is causing this, any information or ideas you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Possible blower switch, blower resistor or blower(fan)motor. You stated you checked fuses right? All you are getting is fresh air while moving. Blower(fan)is not working because of, hopefully, one of the things i suggested.
It turned out to be the blower resistor. After a lot of Googling I found out that it was a small box to the left of the glove compartment. I managed to get another used one at the junkyard for 10 bucks. I hooked it up and now works better than ever. Even though it took me until after I resolved the problem to get to you, thanks to both of you for answering.
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